Why an Orthodontist?


When considering any orthodontic treatment for your family, schedule a consultation visit with an orthodontist. Orthodontists go to school for about 10-11 years after high school before they move teeth with braces. (That’s 4 years of college, 4 years of dental school, and 2-3 years of orthodontic specialty training).

As a specialist with several years of advanced training in the field of dentofacial orthopedics and methods of tooth movement, your orthodontists has a comprehensive knowledge of facial growth and development as well as the expertise to align teeth and improve jaw relationships.

Skilled and experienced in using all types of braces and appliances, your orthodontist is well equipped to achieve the most attractive and stable outcome of care. Whether an orthodontic case requires minor tooth movement, early phase I treatment, comprehensive orthodontic treatment, or complex orthognathic surgery to correct significant problems with jaw development, your orthodontist is trained to provide the highest level of care.


Are DIY aligner/braces safe??

Definitely NOT!

Moving teeth is a complicated process and if done incorrectly, it can cause permanent damage to gums and teeth, including a tooth may die which may require a root canal treatment and a crown to save it.

You may have seen advertisements on Radio, YouTube, or on Social Media for mail-order aligner companies like Smile Direct Club, Byte, Candid, AlignerCo etc. While these companies may sound convenient DIY option, at-home aligners are not without their dangers.

Thousands of patients who tried to use at-home aligners have had to go see an orthodontist to fix the mistakes and unfortunately ended up paying for it twice! You can easily read that in Better Business Bureau – consumer complaints…..

Please click hear to see warning from American Association of Orthodontics regarding DIY or mail in aligners – https://www.aaoinfo.org/1/online-orthodontic-companies

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